How it works

FuzzyMilky Cat Toilet Training leverages the natural instincts of cats to dig, eliminate, and cover their feces. During the training process, you will shape a whole series of behaviors to help your cat transition from litter box to toilet, thus making your cat feel secure and happy.
It takes approximately four to eight weeks to toilet train your cat. Some cats complete the training in just two weeks, while others take up to three months. No matter how long it is, the benefits are great.


Keep the cat litter from clogging the toilet and getting scattered

The brand-new training system can prevent cat litter from falling into the toilet or getting scattered during the training process, making the bathroom cleaner.
The clean environment allows you to train your cat effortlessly for using a toilet bowl.

Simpler Training Way & The Design of Transparent Toilet Training Pan

The deepened training pan makes it easy for your cat to transition from using a litter box on the floor to the toilet bowl from the very beginning.
Most cats are not comfortable with using a toilet because of their fear of the depth and water of it. The transparent training pan not only helps your cat better overcome the fear of the depth and water of the toilet, but also makes it much easier to adapt to the transition from relying on litter box to using the training pan and finally to sitting on a toilet to pee or poop.

Quick & Easy Switch Design

The easy remove design will not interfere with the normal use of the toilet by your families and your cats. You can switch between them in a quick and easy way.
With our extensive exploration and research, the training seat is user-friendly, enabling you to open at will, like a toilet lid, and take off the training pan.

Easy Four Steps

Fill the Training Pan with kitty litter, train your kitty to get used to the Training System.


Reduce the litter in FuzzyMilky Training Pan and add the litter to FuzzyMilky Training Ring.


Replace the cat litter in FuzzyMilky Training Pan with water, remove litter from FuzzyMilky Training Ring gradually.


Litter Free! Remove the Training Ring and Traing Pan step by step. Your kitty can use the toilet like a human being!